Thanks to Google Lens, Now AI gets a better Visual Cortex

Since the CEO of Google, Mr. Pichai presented his keynote on Google Lens at Google I/O 2017. Google Lens is the buzz word in the loop. In fact, a lot of People were thinking, talking & writing about what Google Lens can offer humans. On the flipside, Google made a breakthrough contribution to the AI…

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5 Guaranteed Energy Saving tips for 2015

Energy, the numero uno factor which keeps our routines circling daily, Nothing much changed from the early days when a man used only muscle power to do things until the inception of the industrial age. The intelligent ways of harnessing energy during the late 19th century accelerated the evolution of our species. Today energy grid…

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How 2014 turned out as a great year for Aerospace

Changes are inevitable, new technologies bloom up every day from unimaginable corners of the earth. But talking about the rate of adoption of these untested ideas we are definitely reluctant to introduce it on an enterprise scale, induction of untested ideas in aerospace would be a clear NO. From the day one, flights are powered almost…

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